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We believe that currently the best Indonesian suppliers aren’t visible to most International businesses. It is our mission to provide a purely value driven & transparent sourcing ecosystem to clients, from retailers and wholesalers to project managers and individuals.


Risk-Free Sourcing And Purchasing In Indonesia

Sourcing from the Far East can be complicated. Finding a reliable supplier is crucial, but without extensive research, it is difficult to know if you are dealing with a world-class factory or a back street sweatshop.

When you use GIFT, you will have your own experienced team in Indonesia, who will ensure every base is covered and that you have a consistent quality and reliable supply chain that you can trust.

Supply Chain Management

We assess each project and select the most suitable factory based on quantities and target prices. From being based in Indonesia’s furniture manufacturing hub since 2010 and having valuable insights in operatives around the country we have been able to build a robust list of ‘trusted facilities’ that have been audited both socially and with quality in mind by our team.

These facilities have had their processes improved by us and have experience in working with us. Through these facilities, we have no doubt that we can assist you in having your desired items manufactured in Indonesia.

Quite simply, you speak to us in your language and we speak to the factory in Bahasa!

Quality Control Services

GIFT offers a range of inspection services to meet the needs of companies having goods ordered from Indonesia. We understand the importance of ensuring goods are checked throughout the manufacturing process.

At GIFT we only work with reputable factories that have passed our verification process. We assess factories on a wide range of factors including: equipment and systems, management, and operating procedures.

We can call on a broad spectrum of industries to meet the needs of most projects, but if you have found your own supplier, we can provide local ‘eyes and ears’ to oversee any stage of your production.

Our inspection teams have experience in just about every manufacturing sector and can conduct detailed inspections to your specification.

How It Works

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You need products manufactured

We introduce you to the best manufacturers & the most game-changing results.

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You explore GIFT website

We have an extensive product list & bespoke manufacturing solutions.

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Call or Email Us

We are happy to share information and more product catalogues from our selected suppliers.

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Share info with us

Let us know your desired lead time, quantities, measurements and pricing.



Discussion with GIFT suppliers

To ensure that your order can be completed on budget and time.

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You receive Quotes & issue a PO

We deliver all essential documents verify types, quantities, and agreed prices for your selected products.



Production Starts

We constantly overseeing production to guarantee quality and delivery time.



GIFT stays in the mix

We help with any issue to ensure a smooth process and to establish a succesful business relationship.






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