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About Us

A Letter From The Founder & CEO: Stephane Mecucci Micucci

When I first started in the manufacturing industry, I was surprised to see so many global wholesalers, retailers, distributors and project managers were not getting the essential support needed to make the right decisions. 

While exceptional manufactures, designers and craftsmen from Indonesia, were finding it hard to adjust to the digital age and grow their businesses.

There comes the time when you look around and say, “I think I can make a difference by building a company that will help international buyers discover the high-skilled craftsmanship in Indonesia and support talented local suppliers enter the global market.

Our goal is to add value to someone else’s life through dedicated lasting relationships built on trust, reliability and proactive personalized service, delivered with an genuine attitude and love for our CLIENTS and PARTNERS. 

It’s a wonderful feeling when you build a company that aligns with your passion to help people meet their business goals.

Our Mission

To connect quality buyers and suppliers worldwide by giving suppliers the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and by helping buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently, while eliminating any hassle or risk during the process.

Our Vision

To drive economic prosperity by establishing mutually beneficial trade relations around the world.

Core Values

Trust and Integrity

“We deliver on our word. We are transparent and honest”

We build trust by honoring our commitments and we earn our reputation by delivering on our word. Our thoughts, actions and words are always aligned. We strive to create an environment where our clients and partners TRUST every member of our organization. We are transparent and honest in all interactions inside and outside our organization.

Commitment and Responsibility

“We take personal accountability to achieve excellent results”

We take personal accountability for our actions. We set goals and high standards to achieve excellent results. We empower our people by providing the tools, training, support, and autonomy that they need to achieve their personal and business goals. We strive to be efficient and deliver the quality promised. We work hard and smart.


“We practice the golden rule! And proactively communicate clearly”

We communicate in a way that builds lasting relationships and generates trust. We strive to set clear expectations and alignment across the organization. We listen to understand and always communicate in an open, respectful, timely, and effective way. If there is a misunderstanding, we take the first step to resolve it constructively and quickly. The Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated.

Passionate and Exceptional Attitude

“We love what we do, and we let it show”

We passionately believe in our company, our clients, our suppliers, and the opportunities in the Indonesian market. We bring enthusiasm, innovation and a “can-do” attitude in every interaction, and we generate excitement and commitment by sharing our optimism and successes. We create a safe and productive team environment, while providing an amazing experience for our customers and partners. We are proactive to understand our client’s business, anticipate their needs and help them make better decisions.

Our People Are The Heart Of Our Company

“Our greatest asset is our people. We live with an attitude of Growth and Service”

We treat each other with respect, courtesy and professionalism. We support one another and we challenge each other constructively. We work as a team to help each other accomplish individual and company goals. We live with a strong sense of belonging, and we work with an attitude of service toward our communities, colleagues, clients, and vendors.






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