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Our major focus is to partner with suppliers and not to compete with them. We build strategic alliances that are quality oriented, fast and highly secure. Our mission is to eliminate the hassle and expenses of individual selling and help you access a global market without any extra effort.


GIFT has built a trustworthy B2B ecosystem to drive economic prosperity for Indonesian suppliers by establishing mutually beneficial trade relations around the world.


Physical & Virtual Showroom

With GIFT you can set up not only a physical booth at our headquarters but also a virtual online booth to showcase your brand globally. A full booth dedicated to your products will differentiate you from the competition and open new horizons for your business.

Advertising & Marketing

Our experienced marketing team will help you increase the exposure of your brand with online and offline marketing tools that will allow you to place your products in the right spots to be noticed by the exact audience you are targeting.

Strategic Tools

We offer tools build for business that will enhance your capabilities and operational efficiency. Our team will help you manage your growth with analytics, customer data and more.


Know you are supported throughout your business journey. We built up a “One-Stop Trading Network” with solutions and services for the entire trading cycle, from finding new clients to making settlements.

Benefits From Our Expertise

Access To A Large Pool Of Potential Clients

Reduced Marketing & Advertising Expenses

Improved Client Relationships

Solid 24 Hour Support

Economy of Scale






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